3 Reasons Why Being Outstanding At Customer Service Is Important For You


Outstanding Customer ServiceWe all know that delivering outstanding customer service is important for your customers and your organization, but there are also some very real benefits for you. Here are three big ones:

1.  Career Advancement
Think that senior people in an organization don’t notice those people who are always delivering outstanding customer service?  Think again.  I can’t tell you how many wonderful stories I’ve heard CEOs tell about people in their organizations.

2.  Mulligans
In golf, when someone lets another player redo a poor shot without taking a penalty, it is referred to as “giving him (her) a mulligan.”  Mulligans exist in the business world as well.

Every now and then we make mistakes with customers.  It happens.  The more customers like you and trust you, the more likely they will be to give you a mulligan and forgive you.  If your customer service is substandard, however, chances are they won’t.

3.  Preparation
The skills you use to deliver outstanding customer service are similar to many of the skills required for leadership positions.  The more comfortable you are with them, the easier you will transition to that next level – right up to CEO!

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