A Bright Spot on The Ocean Princess


We ended our visit on board the Ocean Princess, and I would be remiss if I neglected to talk about Sandra. Sandra, originally from Mexico City is a server in the main restaurant. She wasn’t actually even the server at our table, but we encountered her a number of times, and each time she did things to make our trip memorable. She always had a smile. She made a point to approach us and say hello. We felt like the most important people she had ever had on a cruise. But the thing was – she did this with everyone.

dinner group

Sandra understands what it takes to deliver outstanding customer service. I am saddened, sometimes, at how many people can’t seem to see how much they stand out from a crowd when they deliver amazing customer experiences. If only they could realize how it not only impacts their customers, but their own futures. I know, for instance, that I am only one of many people who have taken the time to fill in comment cards and contact Princess Cruise lines about Sandra.

So, who do you suppose will be first in line for promotions, or raises, or choices of assignments? Sandra is a delightful individual who made ourexperience memorable while at the same time making her own future a little brighter.

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