A customer service role model at Air Canada


Her name is Krystyna, and she is the flight director as I fly from Ottawa to Edmonton on Air Canada flight 143. I think I may have found my all-time role model for customer service and customer service leadership.
To put this into perspective, I’ve spent 20 years researching, consulting, training and measuring customer service; written an international best-selling book on customer service that is published in 10 languages, and travelled around the globe looking for the best of the best. In all this time, I’ve seen some pretty remarkable customer service people. But I’m pretty sure that none of them rivals Krystyna.
In the all-to-brief 4 hour flight, she was the consummate professional – friendly, cheerful, helpful and absolutely focused on the people in the cabin. I can only think of a handful of people who I’ve met who exude such a tremendously positive presence. Not only was she outstanding with her passengers, but with the other attendants whom she appeared to be training.
The job as flight attendant is tough – far tougher than most people realize. And an unfortunate number of people in this profession get disenchanted – and forget about the importance of creating a memorable customer experience.
I truly hope Air Canada recognizes what they have in this delightful individual. If they don’t – Krystyna, if you’re reading this – I know a dozen companies that will want to have you in one of their leadership positions.
Thank you – for reminding me what a truly outstanding customer experience really is.
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