Aeroplan – customer service part 2 – nice save


This is the follow-up to my recent post. Here’s the sequence of events:
1. Icall Aeroplan as instructed
2. Automated AVR system asks me to say my aeroplan number out loud (so much for privacy)
3. Automated AVR system tells me that my voice doesn’t match the one they have on file, please re-say my AP number (grr)
4. I punch “0” to bypass the annoying AVR, and get Michel
5. Michele is pleasant, patient and polite – and found a few flights that met my criteria – but wouldn’t go as far as to email me a list.
6. When I got off the phone with Michele, I see that Aeroplan has tweeted a response with some solutions as well.
The end result? Not bad at all! Fortunately Michele had the skill to deal with the situation very well. In truth, I have generally found the people at Aeroplan to be very pleasant and helpful. It’s really unfortunate, though,that they are( frequently?) having to deal with issues that are created by the company’s policies and processes. If I was Aeroplan, this is where I would be focusing. From this example, here’s what I would do to make their customers’ (and CSR’s) lives a little more pleasant:

a. Have greater email and chat access. This issue could have been resolved in a single,briefemail. As it was, it took 2 emails, a telephone call, and a customer navigating an irritating IVR system.

b. Lose the whole ‘voiceprint identification’ thing. It’s just hugely frustrating, and I really don’t want the whole world to know my Aeroplan number.

c. Don’t advertise how few points it can take to travel somewhere then make it difficult to find flights at those levels. At least tell people the best ways to search for them.

d. Publishyour email contact information (or at least make it easier to find)- don’t make customers have to research it by Google

e.Stop having your lawyers writeyour automated email scripts/responses. So, instead of the one I received, how about:

Hi – We just wanted to let you know that we got your email! This is an automated response, but a real, live person will be back to you as quick as he or she can. Our hours are Monday to Friday during normal business hours, (except Statutory Holidays). If you’re in a hurry though,we do want to be there for you, so please call us! Our number is 1-800-361-5373 ( 514-395-0300 from Montreal or abroad).

One last important thing-we don’t deal withbooking-related issues here, so you will want to call one of our amazing telephone representatives at the above number!

There you go, Aeroplan – one de-lawyered script, free of charge!

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