Air Canada at the Ottawa Airport – One Weak Link In Customer Service


kudos to air canada customer serviceWe have officially begun our journey to check out customer service in nine countries over the next four weeks.  We arrive at the Air Canada desk at a little after 4:00am.  The agents at the desk were remarkably friendly and efficient – particularly given the hour.  In fact, the whole experience at the Ottawa airport was pretty good – including a magnificently cheerful lady at the Tim Hortons (at 4am, she deserves a medal for her performance).
The only VERY notable exception to an otherwise great start to the day was right at the end. We were in the priority boarding lane, and had just had our ticket scanned. As we walked toward the plane, the agent looked out at the swell of non-priority people milling about, and was clearly annoyed. She grabbed the mike, and told them in no uncertain terms that it was just priority boarding at the moment.

Her last words were a scolding “Be patient!”

I guess “Have a nice day” was off the table today….

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