Customer Service Champions LinkedIn Update-Sept 4, 2019


Here are this week’s insights from the fantastic people in our Customer Service Champions LinkedIn group. If you are not already a member (you may have to be one to follow the links), just go to LinkedIn’s Group Page, and search for “Customer Service Champions.”

Customer Service Champions has over 100,000 members – all passionate about delivering great customer service experiences. That’s a lot of experience, and a lot of wisdom!

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1. Charles Bennet – Is your approach to customer retention all wrong?

2. Neil Davey – Are Hierarchical Silos hurting customer experience?

3.Matthew Belter – The Golden Rule of Customer Service

4. Shai Berger – Who will control the messenger service channel?

That’s it for this week. Stay tuned for more good stuff!

Shaun Belding
The Belding Group of Companies Inc.

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