Customer Service says Yes to the Dress


My youngest daughter is getting married. Now, I know what you’re all thinking: “How can somebody as young as me have children getting married?” For the record, I’m wondering the same thing….
Nevertheless, it really is happening, and last weekend my daughter and entourage headed off wedding dress shopping. Not having actually been there, I can’t vouch for the specifics, but I do know for a fact that it was a sharp contrast in customer service that cost one dress shop over $1,000, and put the money into the coffers of another.
The first visit, by appointment,was to one of the most popular wedding dress shops in the Ottawa valley. I don’t think they had done anything horrible in terms of customer service, but nobody really got the sense that the staff particularly cared much. The second shop they visited was just an off-chance, ‘hey-let’s-randomly-drop-in-here-and-see-what-they-have’ kind of visit. The woman who greeted them blew them away with her warmth and enthusiasm. My wife told me that the salesperson almost seemed as excited about my daughter’s wedding as my daughter was.
Given that they types of dresses they sold were very similar, why would my daughter buy from anyone else?
It’s a great example of the payoff to great customer service!

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