Has Disneyland Forgotten About Customer Service?


disney.pngAsk 10 people to identify World-Class Customer Experience providers, and 9 of them will say “Disney.”

It is, of course, unarguable that the Disney concept is unequalled.  But is it possible that they have become so certain of their superiority that they are beginning to forget about the basics of customer service?  There have been a few anecdotal stories over the last few years that make one wonder.  This most recent one comes from Taryn Hillin, an individual who is a loyal Disney supporter and season pass holder.  Here’s the full story.

When she called to voice a very reasonable complaint, the response from Disney simply “Well you must be the only ones who feel that way because we’re still selling tickets. In fact tickets sell out.”

What Ms. Hillin was looking for, at minimum, was a little empathy.  Instead, she described her feeling like this, “When we called Disneyland we were considered nothing more than the dirt under their diamond tipped shoes. As the woman told us, people are still buying tickets so we can take a hike for all she cares. We did, thanks.”

Is The Happiest Place On Earth slipping?

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