Hey Facebook – you may be a social media juggernaut – but your customer service sucks!


Who doesn’t love Facebook? According to some sources, the population of Facebook would make it the 4th largest country in the world. Unfortunately, what Facebook is, and how it conducts business are two very different things.
We use Facebook Adsfrom time to time. Most recently to post some ads to recruit mystery shoppersfor our RetailTrack Mystery Shopping division. We encountereda problem, and tried to contact Facebook for help. This led to a bigger problem:
Facebook doesn’t want to help.
Or so it would seem by the fact that they hide anything that looks like contact information from would-be customers. After 40 minutes of digging around their site, we finally had to give up and google “How do you contact Facebook?” Apparently we’re not the only ones having this struggle. Eventually we found a site that directed us to a contact form buried deep in the bowels of Facebook. We filled it out, but there’s no guarantee we’ll ever get an answer.
There are way too many companies out there who believe they’re being clever by burying their contact information. They try to save costs by directing customers to self-serve options. These organizations – with Facebook as one of them – really miss the whole point of customer service.
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