Houston Waiter Defends 5-Year-Old Boy


January 2013 has been, if nothing else, an amazing month for customer service stories. It began with what could easily wind up as the worst customer service story of the year, to what very well might be the best customer service story of the year.

Michael Garcia, a waiter in a Houston, Texas steakhouse, stood up for a young child with Down’s Syndrome when a group of morons at another table began to disparage him. (here’s the full story).  When you strip it down to its essence, customer service is all about sending the message to customers that we care about them. Whether it’s by making their experience a little simpler, a little faster or a little friendlier, its all about making sure they are as comfortable as possible in their dealings with you. And sometimes, it requires both conviction and courage.

Mr. Garcia gets this – big time. And when he overheard the moron, who didn’t want to be in a restaurant with a Down’s Syndrome child, say ‘Special needs children need to be special somewhere else,’ he had the courage and conviction to send them away with their pointed tails between their legs, saying “How could you say that? How could you say that about a beautiful five-year-old angel?”
Great response. Great story. Great experience.

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