Mojo’s: Best Restaurant Customer Service in Bondi


We visited a number of restaurants while in Bondi Beach – the beautiful suburb of Sydney, Australia. All were good experiences, and all were quite expensive (seriously? $18 for a cocktail?). But we hadn’t realized that we had saved the best for last.

We ended up at a small tapas restaurant called ‘Mojos’. The food was terrific, but the real experience came from the people. It began with our primary waiter – a friendly young man who bent over backwards to make sure we were comfortable. As he was recommending dishes for us, he made a point to tell a little story about each. One was the creation of the owners daughter. One was a brand-new dish created by the owner. One was a recipe shared by a frequent patron. Etc. etc….. Because of him, we ordered and ate way too much – and loved every bite.

The experience was augmented by a visit from the owner, then the owner’s daughter – all wanting to make sure we were enjoying the food. The place was packed, and based on our experience, will continue to be packed for a long time to come. Thank you to the wonderful people at Mojo’s for giving us such a memorable final evening in Bondi Beach  

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