Montreal’s Bellagio Restaurant – Best Customer Service Ever


There’s nine of us here at the 2011 Just for Laughs festival in Montreal. The downtown Novotel hotel is clean with average customer service. The service at theCora’s restaurantis far better than the one in Kanata (although thatisn’ta tough standard to beat). But just beforewe got to the show, we went to the Bellagio restaurant on Boul Maisonneuve. Never been there before, and had no idea what toexpect.
Just wow.
The food was spectacular. The restaurant was beautiful. But the service… The customer service wasquite simply the best I’ve ever had.Ever. Anywhere.
Apparently the team there have been together for 13 years. And they are indeed a team of dedicated, hard working restaraunteurs who know how to delight their customers. Thanks Bellagio. We’ll be back

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