New York mayor delivers a blow to customer service role-models


My definition of customer service is pretty simple. If I were to be in charge of the dictionary definition, I would write: “Customer Service is the process of ensuring that customers needs are met, in a manner that makes them feel that you genuinely care aboutthem and those needs”
The definition of “World-Class Customer Service” would add the word “consistently,”as well as,”The willingness and courage to put the customers’ needs in front of your own.”
For close to a decade, in my keynote addresses, I’ve mentioned that if you look at customer service in a macro sense, the greatest role-modelmight befirefighters running into a burning building -putting their very lives on the line in order to help the people around them.
How profoundly disappointing, then, to hear that firefighters have been expressly asked NOT TO ATTEND the memorial ceremony for those who gave their lives in the horrific events of 9/11. Mayor Bloomberg cited ‘space constraints.’
Seriously? Make room, Mr. Bloomberg. They certainly made room in their hearts for us.
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