Ocean Princess Customer Service – so far so…..?


It’s been 5 years since I last ventured on to a Princess Cruise ship. Back then we found that their service really didn’t meet our expectations. And, when they had the opportunity to really turn a bad situation into a giant win (see: service recovery paradox), they dropped the ball badly.

As we boarded the Ocean Princess we were once again bombarded with the nickel and diming that goes on – extra money if you want ‘good coffee’ instead of normal ship coffee; extra money for soda and fruit juice; etc, etc. Seriously? I know all the cruise ships do it, but when someone has dropped over $6,000 on a cruise, these charges are just irritants. Why add irritants to your customer experience?

So far, the people have been great. The first meal was good, with a delightful server. Our cabin attendant, Franco, even arranged to change the chair in our room for a small couch (it was supposed to be there anyway, but they actually had to disassemble and reassemble everything to make this happen).  I am anxious to see how the Ocean Princess team does throughout the 16 day journey. Princess has hung their hat on the motto “escape completely.” The last time they let us down. I wonder what will happen this time!

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