Self-Service Failures Have Serious Consequences


self-service failureA recent study has shown that over 37% of people have ended a business relationship because of a self-service failure – when they get ‘trapped’ and are unable to reach a representative .

It confirms what many have long suspected.  Websites are now the dominant first point of contact, but when we want human customer service – we want to be able to reach them right away.  And when we do get them – we want them to be caring, skilled and helpful.

Customer service has changed a lot over the years – with customers now expecting companies to have an ‘omnichannel’ presences.  (The ability to connect to a company in a number of different ways).  Most importantly, is that they expect flawless customer experiences in each channel.

One other thing this research reinforces, is how critical the human element is in customer service.  It, ultimately, is the factor what creates loyalty (or defection if it is done wrong).



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