Staple’s Customer Service Customer Response Time – 13 Days and Counting…


Thumbnail image for staples.pngThirteen days ago I wrote in to Staples regarding a question on their printer ink guarantee. (Here’s the post)  Still no response.  The question becomes, of course, is this good enough in today’s hyper-competitive world?

Recent research tells us that “Ownership” and “Caring” are the primary levers for creating Wow customer experiences.  (Wow experiences are defined in the research as those top-of-mind experiences that people are most likely to share via word-of-mouth or social media.)   Similarly, the conspicuous absence of these two things were identified as the primary attributes of Negative Wow experiences.  One startling fact is that 7 out of 10 positive Wow experiences begin initially as negative situations – with employees turning them around into positive solutions. 

The take-away for organizations is that there is there is great benefit in being responsive to customers, and great risk to being perceived as uncaring. 

So why has Staples not responded?  My guess is that they probably don’t have enough staff to deal adequately with their volume of feedback, so they have triaged the comment into a low-to-no-importance queue. They likely see it as a simple economic reality that they can’t have more people in contact centre roles doing non-revenue-producing roles.  If that is indeed the case, they then they also likely haven’t done the math on the importance of customer engagement

We’ll touch base in another thirteen days, or when Staples gets back to me – whichever comes first!


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