The Eight Worst Customer Service Stories of 2011


Companies and individuals make customer service mistakes every day. It happens, and for the most part we accept it.
In some cases, though, the mistakes go from a simple ‘oops’ to just plain ugly. Here are the worst 8 customer service stories of 2011:
1. Gasp Clothing
An Australian retailstory that went from bad to worse to….unimaginable.

2. Transglobe
Seem to be vying for Canada’s slum-lord of the year award

3. Bank of America
Some brilliant strategic geniusat this bank thought that the middle of an economic downturn was a great time to introduce a fee that punished customers for using their bank cards. B of A won The Consumerist’s “Silver Poo” award this year as the second worst company in America,

4. Australian Telcos:
Hard to pick just one. But how bad does an industry have to be toget fined a whopping $28 million for customer service malpractice?

5. Sears Repair
The horror stories about Sears repair service just keep rolling in.

6. Waikiki restaurant
This delightful little restaurant will add a 15% surcharge to your meal if you don’t speak English! Really?????

7. Charter Communications
How bad do you have to be to have a website dedicated to your business called

8. Samsung
Thanks for buying our stuff – now leave us alone.

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