Transglobe is on the slippery slope of poor customer service


Transglobe property managementIt really goes beyond poor customer service.  A few years back, I wrote about a horrible experience with a property management company, Transglobe. The numerous responses to the post led me to believe that mine was not an isolated incidence. I’ve since discovered that there’s the beginning of a real social media trend, including things such as a facebook page entitled “Transglobe Sucks.”

It would appear that the company is either oblivious to how they are perceived, or just simply don’t care. Either way, they don’t seem to be addressing the bad publicity, and consequently are well on their way to a social media disaster.

If the last five years has taught us nothing, it is that businesses that are not well operated, and are not customer-focused, ultimately are paying the price. In this age of global transparency, all of our blemishes are open to the public and no amount of cosmetic touch-ups can hide them. The worst part is that, once bad press has hit the internet, it’s there to stay. Transglobe is on a slippery slope.

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