And United Airlines customer service just keeps getting worse…


Bad customer service at united airlinesWow…  Just… wow…

When you listen to people who travel a lot, you’ll hear them talking about their favourite airlines for customer service. Cathay Pacific comes up a lot. So does Jet Blue, Southwest and WestJet.  ANA is also a favourite.

But United Airlines? When is the last time you’ve seen anything positive about United Airlines from the people who fly them?

It’s not an accident. They are, without question, the least customer-focused airline I have ever experienced. That’s for sure.  Over a year ago, they bumped my wife and I off of a paid business class seat and put us in economy, and still have not refunded us the difference.  I swore to never fly with them again. But two days ago, I mistakenly broke my oath when I booked a couple of flights for two members of my team through Expedia.

It turned out that one of the people would not be able to make it, so I called to change the name of the passenger to another team member.

Bottom line is – sucks to be me.

“It’s our policy” the agent kept saying over and over. “You should have read the terms and conditions of the ticket,” she scolded me several times.

Here’s what I don’t understand.  All I want someone to do is change a name.  Nothing exotic.  Nothing hard.  It would take 8 seconds for a United Airline employee to delete the existing name and key in a new one.  But they won’t do it.  Why? Because it’s their policy.  Do they care about the customer.  Not a bit.

And that, folks, is why United will always have a horrible customer service reputation.

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