United Airlines Customer Service Recovery – part 5


Bad customer service at united airlinesMy experience with United Airlines is proving to be a really good case study of customer service problem resolution. In case you haven’t been following this Bad-to-Good story, links to the story are below. Here’s the most recent update:

Last week, Lynne (I may be spelling her name wrong) did a really good job of talking me off of a customer loyalty ledge.  She promised to investigate things – like getting us a refund for the difference between the fare we booked and the seat they gave us.  She told me that she would get back to me mid this week.  As I’ve mentioned, the last person to promise me that was Princess Cruise Lines back in 2007, and I’m still waiting for the call (1,271 days so far and counting), so I was understandably a little on the cynical side.

But, true to her word, my telephone rang just an hour ago.  Lynne told me that she had been in touch with US Air (the carrier the sequence of flights originated with), who promised to look into it.  At this point, I was expecting her to say, “so, it’s out of our hands now, and you should be hearing from them shortly.”  But no, once again I was in for a pleasant surprise.

Lynne told me that she would be following up with US Air herself to make sure things happened – if, of course, it was all right with me… (ohhh, all right…).  Wow. Okay, my spidey-sense is still tingling a little bit, but so far – wow.

I have to tell you that I’m truly enjoying this.  Not being a pain-in-the %$# customer, and not getting a bunch of attention (I really don’t complain that much – honest), but I’m enjoying watching someone doing service recovery right.  United Airline’s actions at the beginning – that prompted all of this – was really pretty lousy, and speaks to some very flawed policies and procedures.  And in truth, to get someone’s attention, I really did have to do some serious whining.  BUT, now I am seeing a virtual clinic on how to deal with a difficult situation and (I daresay) a difficult customer.  The vain part of me wants to believe that she’s just following along in my book, Winning with the Caller from Hell , but I think Lynne is just very good at what she does.

Will I hear back next week? What will US Air’s response be? Stay tuned!

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